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F.I.G. on MicroAnalytical Standards
F.I.G. on MicroAnalytical Standards

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Members of the FIGMAS should log in to allow modification and review of standards and reference materials (S-RM), and to update their profile.

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Advantages of becoming a FIGMAS member

FIGMAS aims first to build an international database on standard and reference materials (S-RM) commonly used in the microanalysis community (e.g., EPMA, SEM, LA-ICP-MS). In a second step, FIGMAS will help in determining, which new microanalytical reference materials is required next.

As a FIGMAS member, you might participate in one or more of the following tasks:

  • Evaluation of S-RM (round-robins),
  • Building an international database of S-RM,
  • Creation, edition, or review of several S-RM entries in the database,
  • Suggesting new S-RM to be created,
  • Helping with the creation of S-RM to be distributed world-wide.

All database entries will be peer reviewed; as a member, you will get exclusive access to any database entry of S-RM, including the ones awaiting review and acceptance. Once a database entry is accepted, information on the S-RM will become available to the greater public.

Register with FIGMAS

To register with FIGMAS, please, contact the committee

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