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F.I.G. on MicroAnalytical Standards
F.I.G. on MicroAnalytical Standards

FIGMAS: a group focussing on MicroAnalytical Standards


Welcome to FIGMAS! Here you will find a database on available microanalytical standards for electron microprobe, scanning electron microprobe, and other in situ instruments that provide quantitative chemical analyses (e.g., LA-ICP-MS).

Log in as a FIGMAS members to access official documents and to be able to submit new information on standards or reference materials (S-RM) or to suggest an update on existing S-RM!

Next business Meeting

To be announced by email to FIGMAS members.

Standards and Reference Materials database


FIGMAS committee 2021-2022

Will Nachlas (Leader; Syracuse University)
Emma Bullock (Leader-elect); Carnegie Institution of Washington)
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